Mobile Phones – Don’t Talk and Drive

Don’t Talk and Drive

The first widely available mobile phones that were available in Britain at the beginning of the nineteen eighties, were actually, the car phone. Presumably it was because the car could give the phone a constant supply of power, in the days of early-use lithium-ion batteries.

It was a warmly welcomed innovation for the driver and passengers, a concept that today, sounds like the equivalent of building a bar into your vehicle, with beers and spirits on tap.

The mobile phone grew quickly, metamorphosing many times to arrive at today’s smart phones, of which there are more of in Britain than there are people. Another interesting statistic is that globally, more people have access to a mobile phone than access to a toilet!

So, back in Britain at the present time, it seems mobile phone use and driving has been identified as a huge no-no. In the light of a number of high profile court cases following tragic and fatal road traffic accidents, the Transport secretary has proposed some Continue reading “Mobile Phones – Don’t Talk and Drive”