Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)

Health and safety has never been more important in the workplace. No one goes to work to get hurt, injured or even to die. Once upon a time working at height was a dangerous process, often involving ladders, which are supposed to be used to reach a platform, not to work directly from.

MEWPs have advanced workplace safety, leading to a safer environment, providing a more stable and safe platform to work from. Whatever your needs, MEWPs provide a safe way for electricians, maintenance engineers, stock room control, decorators etc to all reach those hard to reach areas, in safety.

Accidents can still occur, and sometimes do, but correctly trained personnel are much more likely to work safely using mobile access platforms, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, material hoists or personnel lifts properly.

On uneven ground, or if used outside of their operational range, MEWPs can topple, risking any occupants in the basket as well as people nearby. This is why is is critical to train personnel to use the equipment correctly and safely.

Working safely at height is important for many businesses and well maintained platforms, hired, leased or purchased for a task are essential. Combined with well trined operators, you will get your tasks done quickly, efficiently and most importantly safely.

Work practices have fundamentally changed in the last decade or so. Health and safety law has required employees to be protected from potential harm with written risk assessments and a proactive strategy to maintain the health of those in your employ.

Safe working at height is an important part of that process, reducing risk and injuries to employees. Equipment hire for cherry pickers and scissor lifts is an affordable way to work at height when required, and longer term leasing for warehousing operations where access to height is required on a regular ongoing basis.

Get a quote from UK national MEWP Hire Specialists Liftright Access and get well maintained access platforms perfect for your needs.

Commercial Cleaning Services More Critical Than Ever

Commercial Office Cleaning

Keeping your office clean and safe has never been more important. In a post COVID-19 world, maintaining a clean working environment is going to be a vital part of managing an effective office.

Hot Desking

More and more companies are looking to get back to business, to reopen and to restart trading once more.

Doing so depends on keeping a clean virus free office so your staff can work safely.

Many businesses are looking to reduce their office space, have a greater proportion of staff working on a more flexible basis, three days at home and just one or two days in the office.

This has several benefits for the company.

Less space means lower energy consumption and cost, greener credentials. Additionally, without all their employees commuting into the office every day, their company carbon footprint will look even greener.

The down side presents itself in productivity. If output can be maintained then it makes sense to stick with a more flexible work environment.

Many employees will be happier working more flexibly. Many having only experienced home working since COVID-19 reared its ugly head.

It is time for business to get back to work and restart the UK economy again.

High quality office cleaning has never been more important. Keeping your employees as safe as you can is a critical part of business management.

Regular deep cleaning of work stations, especially in hot desking enviroments is more important than ever.

As a business owner you need to know that you are keeping your staff safe, virus free and providing safe working conditions.

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Making a House a Home

It’s all too easy to buy a home and move in, living with standard fixtures and fittings. Personalising your new house and making it into a beautiful family home is another matter completely.

Personal taste obviously comes into it and it’s important to choose fixtures and fittings that suit your taste, but with so many options available there are today endless possibilities to make your home gorgeous.

Home furnishings include furniture, decoration, carpeting, flooring, Wall art, ornaments, as well as curtains, fabrics, blinds and sundries.

The options available for interior decoration are endless. Modern fabrics lend themselves as either curtain material, blind fabric or upholstery.

With so many options available for curtains and blinds it is easy to become overwhelmed and unable to choose which you would prefer, but with the help of a home visit you can match material swatches with your home to choose the perfect curtains or blinds for you.

Blinds are available in a wide range of styles and are very different from the hard to operate blinds you may remember from years gone by.

Modern technology now provides window blinds that work perfectly for years whether they are roller blinds, vertical blinds, Roman blinds or or any other style available.

The latest technology even allows for home automation so you can operate your motorised blinds at the touch of a button or programmed them to open and close as desired.

Good quality blinds or for that matter curtains will last for years and give you years of pleasure in the process.

Choosing in the comfort of your own home is important as it allows you to get a feel for how the finished articles will look when installed by professionals in your home.

Request a home visit today and find out how you’re home can benefit from high-quality professionally installed blinds and curtains.

School Sports Teaching Provision

Sports Teaching Services

There was a time several years ago when schools used existing teachers to provide PE and sports lessons, but in recent years, with the teacher training requirements changing, these lessons are more commonly being provided by specialist service providers, who train their staff to a high level, required for the modern sports activity teaching.

Schools have annual budgets for the provision of certain areas of their curriculum provision and external companies are Continue reading “School Sports Teaching Provision”

Online Shopping Safety

Top Tips For Safe Online Shopping

According to recent research, 51% of all retail sales took place as online shopping last year, and the value of the business worldwide is now reckoned in hundreds of billions of pounds.

These sums of money attract an ever evolving type of villain, the cybercriminal, who employ all manner of scams and frauds to conduct what is probably the world’s second oldest profession.

The taking of someone else’s wealth, or possessions has been around almost as long as humanity, from bands of brigands, to highway men, investment frauds to pickpockets, counterfeiting to snake oil selling, the times have spawned their appropriate methods of Continue reading “Online Shopping Safety”

Quality Backlinks Cost Money

How Much Are Good Backlinks?

Getting to the top of Google costs money. Either you spend time and money learning how to build quality backlinks yourself, or you pay a reputable SEO consultant to build them for you…… or you step into the unknown and buy some links form the first site you can find that promises great results and Google proof backlinks.

Whichever route you choose and I do hope its not the last one! You have an investment to one degree or another. There is nothing that an SEO expert can do that you can’t do yourself, in much the same way as if you bought all the tools, computer diagostic tools, etc that you could service your own BMW!

Is that the best use of your time? Often it’s more time efficient to focus on what you do best and instead delegate your SEO and the creating of your backlinks to the best Continue reading “Quality Backlinks Cost Money”

Mobile Phones – Don’t Talk and Drive

Don’t Talk and Drive

The first widely available mobile phones that were available in Britain at the beginning of the nineteen eighties, were actually, the car phone. Presumably it was because the car could give the phone a constant supply of power, in the days of early-use lithium-ion batteries.

It was a warmly welcomed innovation for the driver and passengers, a concept that today, sounds like the equivalent of building a bar into your vehicle, with beers and spirits on tap.

The mobile phone grew quickly, metamorphosing many times to arrive at today’s smart phones, of which there are more of in Britain than there are people. Another interesting statistic is that globally, more people have access to a mobile phone than access to a toilet!

So, back in Britain at the present time, it seems mobile phone use and driving has been identified as a huge no-no. In the light of a number of high profile court cases following tragic and fatal road traffic accidents, the Transport secretary has proposed some Continue reading “Mobile Phones – Don’t Talk and Drive”