Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)

Health and safety has never been more important in the workplace. No one goes to work to get hurt, injured or even to die. Once upon a time working at height was a dangerous process, often involving ladders, which are supposed to be used to reach a platform, not to work directly from.

MEWPs have advanced workplace safety, leading to a safer environment, providing a more stable and safe platform to work from. Whatever your needs, MEWPs provide a safe way for electricians, maintenance engineers, stock room control, decorators etc to all reach those hard to reach areas, in safety.

Accidents can still occur, and sometimes do, but correctly trained personnel are much more likely to work safely using mobile access platforms, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, material hoists or personnel lifts properly.

On uneven ground, or if used outside of their operational range, MEWPs can topple, risking any occupants in the basket as well as people nearby. This is why is is critical to train personnel to use the equipment correctly and safely.

Working safely at height is important for many businesses and well maintained platforms, hired, leased or purchased for a task are essential. Combined with well trined operators, you will get your tasks done quickly, efficiently and most importantly safely.

Work practices have fundamentally changed in the last decade or so. Health and safety law has required employees to be protected from potential harm with written risk assessments and a proactive strategy to maintain the health of those in your employ.

Safe working at height is an important part of that process, reducing risk and injuries to employees. Equipment hire for cherry pickers and scissor lifts is an affordable way to work at height when required, and longer term leasing for warehousing operations where access to height is required on a regular ongoing basis.

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