School Sports Teaching Provision

Sports Teaching Services

There was a time several years ago when schools used existing teachers to provide PE and sports lessons, but in recent years, with the teacher training requirements changing, these lessons are more commonly being provided by specialist service providers, who train their staff to a high level, required for the modern sports activity teaching.

Schools have annual budgets for the provision of certain areas of their curriculum provision and external companies are filling the knowledge gaps in school staffing.

As the requirements for different teachers increases and the workload on teachers marking coursework increases, less teachers are prepared to take on the additional classes for sport, PE and out of hours learning, creating a gap that needs to be filled by highly competitent personnel.

The days of disorganised sport activities are long gone, with well structured fitness training, activities and games being run by sports event experts.

Schools save time and money by using specialists to provide these lessons, as well as allowing their staff to focus on their core subject teaching, further improving their contribution to overall education provision.

Physical education and swimming lessons often used to be taken by semi trained staff and overtime this has had a detrimental affect on fitness, sports skills and child development. Outsourcing these lessons to trained service providers gives schools an additional string to strengthen their provision for their pupils.