Quality Backlinks Cost Money

How Much Are Good Backlinks?

Getting to the top of Google costs money. Either you spend time and money learning how to build quality backlinks yourself, or you pay a reputable SEO consultant to build them for you…… or you step into the unknown and buy some links form the first site you can find that promises great results and Google proof backlinks.

Whichever route you choose and I do hope its not the last one! You have an investment to one degree or another. There is nothing that an SEO expert can do that you can’t do yourself, in much the same way as if you bought all the tools, computer diagostic tools, etc that you could service your own BMW!

Is that the best use of your time? Often it’s more time efficient to focus on what you do best and instead delegate your SEO and the creating of your backlinks to the best Continue reading “Quality Backlinks Cost Money”